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December 2010

posted Dec 1, 2010, 11:49 AM by Troop 16   [ updated Feb 5, 2011, 6:18 AM ]
Boy Scout Troop 16 
Oak Park, Illinois 
December 1, 2010

Dear Scouting Family: 

Troop 16 wishes all of you the best this holiday season.  Please print, share, and save this newsletter 
to answer your questions in the immediate future.      
Wreath Business   

If you have not yet picked up your wreaths, please pick them up as soon as possible from the back 
yard of the MacMillan family. Please do not ring the doorbell or call the MacMillans. Please 
enter the yard through the gate near the garage door. Please be careful to close the gate behind you so the 
MacMillan‟s dogs do not escape. If you come after dark, you should bring a flashlight. On the sidewalk inside 
the gate you should see the blue and white cooler that contains a clipboard on which you should record the 
wreaths that you take. The cooler also contains pencils, a map of the yard showing the locations of the 
different sizes of wreaths, a chart showing how many wreaths are in a bundle for each size of wreath, pieces 
of twine and scissors to cut the twine holding wreaths in bundles.  

Please remember that cash, checks and sales lists are due at the December 3 meeting or ASAP 
after that meeting.  Cash rebates are given only after the boy has turned in his sales list and all receipts to 
Dick Tresselt. Included is a spreadsheet indicating the status for all boys‟ accounts.  Please review the 
included spreadsheet and contact Dick if you have any questions regarding what is owed.  

Congratulations to our scouts on a great effort this year!  We have nearly achieved our sales goal with 
an average of just over 27 wreaths per scout!  A special note of thanks goes to our “wreath sales manager,” 
Dick Tresselt, and the wreath committee: Mike Downs, Mike Stewart, Neal Heriaud, John Jenks, Carolyn 
Schiffner, Liz Summy and many others who assisted with this fundraiser.  Thanks to our scouts and parents 
our sales have reached over 2000 wreaths so far. 

Court of Honor 

Our annual December Court of Honor takes place at 8:15 on Friday, December 17 in the First United 
main sanctuary (preceded by regular troop meeting at 7:30).   All parents are invited to attend.  Light 
refreshments will follow the ceremony.  Scouts will be recognized for the rank advancements they earned and 
the leadership positions they fulfilled this fall.   

For those of you who are new to the troop, recognition for all rank advancements since our August 
troop picnic will be included in the ceremony.  A list of those Scouts will be sent out shortly.  All parents are 
invited and encouraged to attend to help recognize the outstanding job done by our Scouts and your sons. 
Ski Trip 

Saturday, January 8, is our annual ski trip to Cascade Mountain near Portage, WI. This is the least 
expensive way to ski or snowboard and a great first experience for a scout.  Your scout's never skied before?  
No problem!  Instruction is provided by a certified ski instructor at no extra cost.  This trip comes early in the 
new year - please remember that December 17 is our signup deadline.  The Troop registration and Cascade Mountain release form are attached. 

January Shin Go Beek Campout 

Attached is the signup form for our annual winter campout at Shin Go Beek on the weekend of January 
28-30.  Remember that this campout is only for scouts who have sold at least 15 wreaths.  
November Campout 

It was a great weekend for backpacking in the Kettle Moraine Forest in Wisconsin!  Over 30 scouts 
enjoyed a weekend of backpacking along with nine adults.  The cold and wet weather couldn‟t stop our scouts 
from enjoying the glacial terrain of central Wisconsin.  The three trips hiked varying distances from six to 
eleven miles.  We hope you can join us next year for this unique experience. 

High Adventure 2011 

If your scout will have completed 7th grade and earned Star rank or above by the end of July, he may 
be eligible to attend one of our two summer high adventure trips in late July/early August!   Troop 16 is 
hosting a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota, as well as a backpacking trip 
to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.  Look for more information on these trips in the coming weeks.  Both trips 
are strenuous and require solid scout skills and teamwork.  Not all scouts are able to attend these trips, even 
if they meet the age requirements. 
Troop Text Alerts 

The troop will be piloting a text message alert system to send reminders and any last minute info out to 
interested scouts and adults.  Knowing that many of our scouts use text messaging frequently, we feel this 
may be an effective communication method to scouts (and parents) with messages like, “campout signup 
tonight” and “don‟t forget to turn in your wreath money Friday.”  There is no ability to reply to the alerts – this 
is a one-way communication tool.  To subscribe, text 'troop16' (no spaces) to 41411.   You will receive a 
confirmation message indicating you are added to the list. 

Donations Needed  

The troop is still seeking modest donations ($15-25) from scout families to fund the Centennial of 
Scouting in the Western Suburbs exhibit, which can be viewed at Mill's Home (Mill's Park).  Regular hours a
afternoons Thursday-Sunday.  This exhibit shows the importance and value of scouting in our area over the
past hundred years – including Troop 16's history.  Your donation to support this exhibit is appreciated.  
Please make checks payable to 'Troop 16' and turn in at any troop meeting.  Thank you! 
Other Information   

Our Troop Committee meeting this month will be Thursday, December 9, at the church (first floor) 
from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  We welcome and invite all parents. 

Jim Bicak, Scoutmaster   
Don W. Lennie, Committee Chair