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February Newsletter

posted Feb 9, 2018, 6:28 PM by Troop 16
Dear Scouting Family:
Our second semester always seems a bit busier than the first one (if that’s possible), so please save this letter and note the calendar at the end. Please share this newsletter with your scout.

Troop Ski Trip Saturday
We’re headed to Cascade Mountain on Saturday, February 10. We have some space available, so get your
sign-ups turned in ASAP. Please drop off forms at Mr. Bicak’s house or at Friday’s troop
meeting. Family and friends are welcome on this trip, as well. FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED. The bus will LEAVE at 7AM. If you’re late, we’ll already have left.

Important Election Nights Coming Up
The scouts have two important election nights coming up: February 2 and March 2. On February 2, scouts will be electing their Senior Patrol Leader and their patrol leaders for the second half of the school year. It is important that all scouts participate in this process. This is also an opportunity for a scout to join a different patrol, if they choose to.

Also, on Feb. 2 and March 2, we are holding Order of the Arrow elections. The Order of the Arrow is an honor society in scouting to recognize scouts who are leaders and demonstrate best the Oath and Law. The scouts of our troop elect their peers to this honor society. There are two rounds of Order of the Arrow elections – a preliminary election on Feb. 2 and a final election on March 2. Scouts will need a certain number of votes in the preliminary election in order to be on the final ballot.

February Campout
The signup deadline for the February 23-25 Warren Dunes, Michigan, campout is February 16 at the troop
meeting. If you have not yet volunteered to drive on a campout, this one is close enough to do a drop-off or a pick-up.

Annual Troop Dinner – March 3
Save the date! Our 102nd annual troop dinner will be held on Saturday, March 3 at 6:30 PM at St. Giles Parish in McDonough Hall, 1103 N. Columbian. RSVPs must be received by February 23. Walk-ins are welcome to stand along the wall and not eat due to planning needs for food service and table space.

Summer Camp
Yes, we’re already thinking summer camp! Our summer camp dates are set for July 8-21 at Camp Makajawan. Scouts can attend for one week or both. It is strongly encouraged that scouts attend summer camp for at least a week. This is the best opportunity for merit badge and rank advancement requirement work.

Included with this newsletter is a flyer for summer camp deposits.​ Deposits are due at the troop dinner
(March 3) in order to get the lowest camper fee. Rebates are given based on your scout’s wreath sales.

New Scout Joining Night
We need your help! Word of mouth from our current scout families is our only recruitment tool. If you know or have any fifth graders interested in scouting, please be sure they know about our Joining Night on March 9 at 7:30. This is an informational meeting for prospective New Scouts and their parents. Boys do NOT have to be a Cub Scout to join Boy Scouts. Even if Webelos have not yet "crossed-over," we'd like them to come to this meeting on March 9. Attached is a joining night flyer to forward or print and give to families of prospective scouts, or direct them to our website.

Merit Badge Opportunity
Merit Badge Academy has been a popular event for our scouts in past years. Please note, this is not troop
events, nor is the troop organizing a group to attend. These are for individual scouts. Scouts should wear full uniform if they attend. Any scout attending a merit badge needs to secure a “Blue Card” from Mr. Gill or Mr. Dutton before the event.

Merit Badge Academy: March 17​ at Elmwood Park High School. A variety of merit badges are offered.
Registration information will be posted here:
Please note that Troop 16 has counselors for all Eagle-required merit badges, so scouts are encouraged to
select optional merit badges if they attend Merit Badge Academy. Eagle-required badges can be earned
throughout the year working with one of our troop’s counselors.

January Campout
Our first January campout at Camp Lowden was a big success. Scouts spent the day keeping warm and
active, then were able to enjoy pizza and bowling in the evening to celebrate their wreath sales!

Terry Dutton, Scoutmaster
Jim Bicak, Committee Chair

Current Calendar
February 2 Patrol Ldrs Council 6:30 PM
February 2 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM
February 6 Adult Comm. Meeting 7:30 PM
February 9 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM

For Scouts with Leadership positions
SPL, Patrol Leader and Order of the Arrow Election #1
All parents welcome to join
Invention Night
February 10 Ski Trip 6:45 AM Cascade Mtn, Portage, WI
February 16 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Campout signup/ TBD
February 23-25 Campout 7:00 PM Warren Dunes SP, Michigan

March 2 Patrol Ldrs Council 6:30 PM For scouts with leadership positions
March 2 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Order of the Arrow final election / Troop Dinner Prep
March 3 Troop Dinner 6:30 PM Troop Dinner – St. Giles, McDonough Hall
March 6 Adult comm. meeting 7:30 PM All parents welcome to join
March 9 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Campout Signup/
New Scout Joining Night

March 16-18 Campout 7:00 PM Apple River Canyon SP, Stockton, IL
March 17 Merit Badge Academy 8:00 AM Elmwood Park HS
March 23 Patrol Ldrs Council 6:30 PM For scouts with leadership positions
March 23 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Pinewood Derby
March 30 No Meeting Spring Break/Easter