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January 2013

posted Jan 10, 2013, 3:35 PM by Troop 16   [ updated Jan 11, 2013, 6:34 AM ]
Boy Scout Troop 16
Oak Park, Illinois
January 10, 2013

Dear Scouting Family: 
Welcome to our 97th continuous year with a charter for Troop 16.  2013, of course, will be another busy 
year for us.  Our full calendar from January to June is included in case you have misplaced the previous one.  
There are some minor changes.

Wreath Wrap-Up
Please note:  if you still have money and/or a sales list to turn in, please do so by Friday, 
January 11.  The lists are important both for determining rebates, as well as confirming actual sales.  Scouts 
will only receive their cash rebates when money and sales lists are turned in.

It is important that we take note of the extraordinary efforts made by our scouts in selling wreaths this 
year.  We achieved an excellent effort and were fortunate to have the assistance of numerous parent 
volunteers this year, as well.  Thanks to all for assisting.

Cash rebates will be paid at upcoming troop meetings to all scouts who have monies and sales lists in.  
On the included sales list if you see an amount listed in the ‘Owed’ column or if the ‘List’ column has a $0, it 
means we are not ready to pay that scout’s rebate.  If you have any questions about what may be due from 
your son, please call Dick Tresselt right away.

January Campout
Our annual winter campout to Shin Go Beek is January 25-27.  The signup form is included (Campout 
Signup).  To be eligible to attend the scout must have sold at least 15 items in our wreath sale.  Money and 
sales lists must have been turned in to support this.  Please note the early departure time for this campout:  
Friday, January 25, at 4:30.

Committee Meeting
Our Troop Committee meeting this month will be Tuesday, January 8, at First United Church from 
7:30 to 9:00 PM.  Parents are encouraged to attend – this is a great way to get involved with the troop!

Food Pantry Volunteering – Parent Help Needed
Each week before the start of the 7:30 PM troop meeting, scouts bundled cardboard boxes in the food 
pantry to be recycled at the River Forest Jewel.  We are in need of parents who can assist in supervising and 
delivering the cardboard to the River Forest Jewel.  If you can help one time – or each week, please contact Jim Bicak.

Scout Participation
For the past several years our troop has determined certain participation requirements to remain a 
member of the troop.  For the fall they are:  attend 40% of the meetings, attend 1 of the 3 campouts, and sell 
wreaths; for the spring:  attend 40% of the meetings and attend 2 of the 5 campouts; over the course of the 
year:  participate in at least 1 troop service project.  A scout who does not meet the requirements for two 
consecutive semesters is considered inactive.

Scouts who did not make the requirements in the fall should know who they are.  If there are
extenuating circumstances, the scout needs to speak with our Senior Patrol Leader Ethan Williams or Mr. Bicak.

Troop Website
Our calendar, newsletters, and other useful information are always posted on our website.  Visit and add it as a bookmark in your web browser!  

Troop Text Alerts
Have you and your scout subscribed to our troop text message system?  Knowing that many of our 
scouts use text messaging frequently, we feel this may be an effective communication method to scouts (and 
parents) with messages like, “campout signup tonight” and “don’t forget to turn in your wreath money Friday.”  
There is no ability to reply to the alerts – this is a one-way communication tool.  To subscribe, text ‘troop16’ (no 
spaces) to 41411.   You will receive a confirmation message indicating you are added to the list.  To 
unsubscribe, text ‘STOP’ to 41411.

Jim Bicak, Scoutmaster
Don W. Lennie, Committee Chair