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January Newsletter

posted Jan 27, 2018, 6:04 PM by Troop 16
Dear Scouting Family:

Welcome to our 102nd continuous year with a charter for Troop 16! 2018 will be another busy year for
us. Some important dates for 2018 are listed below. As always, please refer to the calendar at the bottom of each monthly newsletter for the most up-to-date schedule. 

Winter/Spring 2018 Campout Dates

January 26-28
February 23-25
March 16-18
April 27-29
May 18-20

Winter/Spring/Summer 2018
Other Important Dates

Ski Trip - February 10
Annual Dinner - March 3 (tentative)
New Scout Joining Night – March 9
Family Campout – June 8-10
Summer Camp – July 8-22

Wreath Wrap-Up
Please note: if you still have money and/or a sales list to turn in, please do so by Friday,
January 12.​ On the included sales list if you see an amount listed in the ‘Owed’ column or if the ‘List’ column is blank, it means we are not ready to pay that scout’s rebate. If you have any questions about what may be due from your scout, please call Mr. Tresselt right away. Scouts will only receive their cash rebates when money and sales lists are turned in. Cash rebates will be paid at upcoming troop meetings to all scouts who have monies and sales lists in.

We were fortunate to have the assistance of numerous parent volunteers on the wreath committee this
year, as well. Thanks to all for assisting.

January Campout
Our January 26-28 winter campout will be at BSA Camp Lowden in Oregon, IL. This is a special winter
campout where, in addition to enjoying the winter activities, the troop will head into town Saturday night for pizza and bowling to celebrate our great wreath sales! As with all weekend campouts, the sign-up is at the meeting prior to the campout on January 19. Late sign-ups are not accepted. To be eligible to attend this campout, your scout must have sold at least 15 items in our wreath sale.

Troop Ski Trip
Our annual ski trip to Cascade Mountain in Portage, Wisconsin is coming up soon! We’re headed to
Cascade on Saturday, February 10. Family members and friends are welcome to attend this event, too! This is a very popular day trip, so sign up soon! Space is limited and we do fill up. Registrations due to the troop by Feb. 2!

Important Election Nights Coming Up
The scouts have two important election nights coming up: February 2 and March 2. On February 2,
scouts will be electing their patrol leaders for the second half of the school year. It is important that all scouts participate in this process. This is also an opportunity for a scout to join a different patrol, if they choose to.

Also, on Feb. 2 and March 2, we are holding Order of the Arrow elections. The Order of the Arrow is an
honor society in scouting to recognize scouts who are leaders and demonstrate best the Oath and Law. The scouts of our troop elect their peers to this honor society. There are two rounds of Order of the Arrow elections – a preliminary election on Feb. 2 and a final election on March 2. Scouts will need a certain number of votes in the preliminary election in order to be on the final ballot.

Committee Meeting
Our Troop Committee meeting this month is next week, Tuesday, January 9, at First United Church
from 7:30 to 9:00 PM​. Parents are encouraged to attend – this is a great way to get involved with the troop!

Troop Website
Our calendar, newsletters, and other useful information are always posted on our website. Visit and add it as a bookmark in your web browser!

Scout Active Participation
Boy Scouts, like any other activity boys are a part of, is an active commitment. While we understand
that there are times of year when boys have other commitments, it is expected that scouts participate when they are able. For the past several years our troop has determined certain minimum participation requirements to remain a member of the troop. For the Fall (Sept.-Dec.): attend 40% of the meetings, attend 1 of the 3 campouts, and sell wreaths; for the Spring (Jan.-Jun.): attend 40% of the meetings and attend 2 of the 5 campouts; and over the course of the year: participate in at least 1 troop service project. 

A scout who does not
meet the requirements for two consecutive semesters is considered inactive.

Terry Dutton, Scoutmaster
Jim Bicak, Committee Chair

Current Calendar

9 Adult Comm. Mtg. 7:30 PM Parents invited to participate
12 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Patrol Gear 
19 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Campout Sign-up/ Winter Camping Gear
26-28 Campout 7:00 PM Camp Lowden, Oregon, IL

2 Patrol Ldrs Council 6:30 PM For scouts with leadership positions
2 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM First Aid / Patrol Leader Elections / Order of
the Arrow Election 1
6 Adult Comm. Mtg. 7:30 PM Parents invited to participate
9 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Invention Night 
10 Ski Trip 6:45 AM Cascade Mtn, Portage, WI
16 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Campout Sign-up/ Fencing
17 Service Project TBD First United Church
23-25 Campout 7:00 PM Warren Dunes SP, Michigan