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November 2010

posted Dec 1, 2010, 11:44 AM by Troop 16   [ updated Feb 5, 2011, 6:21 AM ]
Boy Scout Troop 16
Oak Park, Illinois
November 1, 2010

Dear Scouting Family: 
We trust that November is a time of thankfulness for all of you.  We are thankful for having a great troop of 
boys to work with.  We are also thankful for all the adult help and support given over the year.   
Wreath Business
From our wreath sales chairs, Mike Stewart, Neal Heriaud and Michael Downs: 
Very few scouts have submitted wreath order numbers.  We currently have sales reported of 440 wreaths, 
which is down from last year at this time.  Wreath sale orders are due this Friday, November 5 at the troop 
meeting.  It is important that scouts keep selling for the troop to reach its goal for our one and only fund-raising effort.  
Please remember that our target selling goal is an average of 30 wreaths per scout.   

Since we order more than are actually sold, boys should continue to sell.  Last year we sold over 1900 
wreaths.  Included is a spreadsheet indicating current sales.  When boys sell beyond their initial order (as turned in on 
Nov. 5th), they need to call Dick Tresselt with new totals, not just the additional sales.  Anyone selling a 
72” or 84” wreath needs to call Mr. T to confirm availability.

Money collected at any time should be turned in at the next meeting or dropped off at Mr T’s house.
Cash rebates will be given when the boy has turned in his sales list and all receipts to Dick Tresselt.
For each 20 wreaths sold, a scout receives a gift card.  The minimum is 15 wreaths to attend the winter campout at Shin Go Beek. 

Our storage location again this year will be at the home of the MacMillans.  Thanks much, Tom and Kemmy. 

If you can assist with the unloading of wreaths on Saturday morning (8:30 AM), November 20, please join 
us.  This is a big job – we need all the scouts there.  Once again, the work of unloading on the 20th will be followed by 
rocket launching (built the previous night at the troop meeting). 

Whether you are helping with unloading or distribution or not, please remember to pick up your wreaths at 
the MacMillans on Saturday, November 27, between 8:30 AM and noon.  If you cannot make it that day please call 
Dick or the MacMillans  in advance to make other arrangements.  Should you need an early 
pickup on November 21, please call Dick.  

A sales hint:  If you are going away to Grandma's, a relative's or a friend's home for Thanksgiving or if they 
are coming to town for the holiday, you can sell them a wreath and deliver it then.  Since the wreaths are being 
delivered Saturday, November 20, you can pick up those wreaths on that day. 
Popcorn Sales 
If your son has made any popcorn sales, he must turn in sales totals to Dick Tresselt not later than this Friday, 
November 5, which is the Council deadline for reporting. 
October Campout 
Our campout to Mississippi Palisades State Park was a big success.  Despite the rain, over 40 scouts and 12 
adults enjoyed a weekend of hiking and exploring the hills and bluffs of the Mississippi River area.  This was our best 
attended campout in quite a while.  Each of the patrols served some great new menu items, such as a pork roast, taco 
pie, home-made French fries, chili, and eggs and sausage with fresh veggies.  The food was great!  Many thanks to 
our adult leaders who volunteered to drive scouts and attend the campout: Jim Bicak, Mrs. Bonner, Josh Chrisman, 
Dan Dittmer, Terry Dutton, Peter Harlan, John Jenks, Kandiah Kanagandram, Steve Miller (not the singer), Bob 
Moriarty, Val Rodriguez, Mike Stewart, and Liz Summy.     
November Campout 
Note that signup is this Friday, November 5, for our great Wisconsin backpacking campout.  Please be certain 
your boy looks over the gear list to be handed out at the meeting.  If your scout won't be at Friday's troop meeting, but 
still plans to go on the backpacking trip, he must call his patrol leader to inform him (before Friday). 

Other Information 
Donations Needed - The troop is seeking modest donations ($15-25) from scout families to fund the 
Centennial of Scouting in the Western Suburbs exhibit, which can be viewed at Mill’s Home (Mill’s Park).  Regular 
hours are afternoons Thursday-Sunday.  This exhibit shows the importance and value of scouting in our area over the 
past hundred years – including Troop 16’s history.  Your donation to support this exhibit is appreciated.  Please make 
checks payable to “Troop 16” and turn in at any troop meeting.  Thank you! 
Assistance for scouts - It is the Troop 16 adult committee's position that no scout should opt out of troop 
activities or events due to a financial hardship.  Through our fundraising and donations, funds are available to assist in 
paying fees for troop activities and events.  If your scout is in need of this type of support, contact Jim Bicak to 
confidentially discuss ways in which the troop can help assist in supporting your son's involvement in scouting. 
Troop Committee - Our Troop Committee meeting this month will be Thursday, November 11, at Don 
Lennie’s home, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  We encourage and welcome parents to attend.  Please note 
that committee meetings are the second Thursday of each month. 


Jim Bicak, Scoutmaster   
Don W. Lennie, Committee Chair