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October 2012

posted Oct 24, 2012, 10:58 AM by Troop 16   [ updated Oct 24, 2012, 11:18 AM ]

Boy Scout Troop 16
Oak Park, Illinois
October 2, 2012

Dear Scouting Family:
We’re off to a busy start. You should have received the full troop calendar with last month’s
newsletter. But always check the abbreviated calendar printed with each monthly newsletter as changes do
occur. Please share this information with your scout.

September Campout
Our first campout of the year was a great success. 48 scouts and 12 adults enjoyed a weekend of
hiking and exploring at Mississippi Palisades State Park, near Savanna, IL. The weather held and the
scouts were able to take advantage of the beauty of the area along the Mississippi River. The wildlife was
abundant, with scouts hearing or seeing deer, vultures, owls, and coyotes. Thank you to our adult volunteer
drivers this month.

Food Pantry Help
Troop 16 provides regular volunteers for the food pantry located at First United Church. There are
many opportunities for scouts and parents to volunteer, including weekly opportunities at 6:30 PM on
Fridays immediately before our troop meetings. Each scout patrol is responsible for a calendar month at the
food pantry. Extra volunteers are always welcome and parent assistance is appreciated!

Wreath Sales Information
Our wreath sales kick-off is this Friday. The troop is counting on you. Please review the attached letter
regarding wreath sales so both you and your scout understand your role in this important endeavor. Watch
the wreath sale tips video on youtube: Wreath Sales - Do's and Dont's

Key dates to remember:
Friday, November 2 - Sales totals for each of the wreath items need to be brought to the troop
meeting. Scouts should continue selling since we order extras for later sales.
Saturday, November 17 – wreath arrival and unloading, 404 N. East Ave at 8:30 A.M.
Saturday, November 24 – 8:30-noon; scouts pick up wreaths for delivery (If you have a customer
needing an early delivery, contact Mr. Tresselt to arrange for early pickup.)
We are grateful again to the MacMillan family for providing the storage space for the wreaths.

October Campout
Signup for this campout will be at our troop meeting Friday, October 12; be certain your boy brings his
$15 for his patrol leader for food and knows if a parent is able to drive. On Friday, October 19, we will
depart for a new location – the family farm of a former Troop 16 scout near Chatsworth, IL, from the church
parking lot promptly at 7:00 PM. Please be certain that your boy is properly dressed for the weather (and
wearing his uniform) and has packed rain gear.

Popcorn sales
While our troop is not selling popcorn as an official troop fundraiser, we do want to let you know that
you can place an order for popcorn if you are interested. All you need to do is contact Dick Tresselt. An information sheet is included with wreath sales material distributed to all scouts on October 5.
Checks should be payable to Troop 16. Order deadline and payment deadline will be the same as our
wreath sales – Nov. 2 and Nov. 30. Pickup can be made in time for Thanksgiving. This is a way to get
some good popcorn and also supporting the scouts. Our Council provides sales prizes for the boys and the
troop will provide same 4.5% rebate as we would for wreath sales.

Committee Meeting
Our monthly troop committee meeting occurs the first Tuesday of each month. This month that is
tonight - Tuesday, October 2, 7:30 PM, at First United Church. We do encourage any interested parents to
attend – hope to see some of you there to learn what your son’s troop is doing and get involved with our
troop’s operations.

Troop Website
Visit for information, including this newsletter, photos and videos of our
camping trips, a current calendar, and more!

Jim Bicak, Scoutmaster
Don W. Lennie, Committee Chair