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September 2015

posted Aug 31, 2015, 4:02 PM by Troop 16   [ updated Sep 30, 2015, 7:27 PM ]
Boy Scout Troop 16
Oak Park, Illinois
September 1, 2015

Dear Scouting Family:
If you are a new family to the Troop, welcome! If you’ve been with us before, welcome back. This letter
contains important information about our fall activities, and our full year calendar also is attached. Please share all of this information with your scout, and save it for future reference. Newsletters will be published on a monthly basis. Be sure to check the calendar at the end of each newsletter, since there may be changes from the full-year one included with this newsletter. A full troop roster will be sent out shortly.

Our continued growth means we need your help and support more than ever. We have over 115 scouts
registered at this time. Parent support is crucial in a troop our size. Please find a way that you can contribute to the troop.

One method of supporting the troop is reading this newsletter and other messages we send to families.
Remember, you may have the newsletter sent to multiple addresses. Send a message to with a request to add another email address or with any change of address information.
Troop Parent Committee – This week on Tuesday!
Our Troop Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Our first meeting will be Tuesday,
September 1, at First United, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. We welcome all parents at our monthly committee meetings, which are designed to support the troop’s logistics, programs, and finances.

First Troop Meeting
Our first troop meeting of the year will be on Friday, September 11. At this meeting, patrols will be formed and the scouts will elect their patrol leader for the year. It is very important that scouts attend the first meeting to be a part of the election process. Remember, meetings always start at 7:30 P.M. and end at 9:00 P.M. Scouts must wear their uniforms. Parents are always welcome to attend, but are especially encouraged to come in for the last 15 minutes of the meeting to hear all of our announcements.

General Campout Information
The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) chose locations for the campouts. The year’s calendar is attached. Be
sure to check the "Current Calendar" printed at the end of each monthly newsletter.

Scouts must sign up for camping trips one week in advance. Normally the cost of a campout is handled on a patrol basis; it is $15 per scout for each campout. Cooking is done separately by each patrol with equipment provided by the troop. 

At each campout scouts must have a proper scout uniform and appropriate gear for the season.

First Campout
We’ll be going to Camp Lowden, near Oregon, IL, September 25-27. Of course we will need several drivers
and adults willing to stay. For this campout the deadline for signing up is Sept. 18. The fee due to the patrol leader is $15. Scouts need to bring the exact amount of cash to give to the patrol leader. Please let your boy know whether you are able to drive to the campout.

Troop Participation Requirements
All scouts in the troop are expected to meet the minimum participation standard: (1) attend 40% of the
meetings; (2) attend one campout in the fall and two in the spring; (3) participate in one service project; (4) participate in wreath sales.

Other Information
Our Senior Patrol Leader is Joe Corbett. If your scout has a question that cannot be
answered by his patrol leader, Joe would be the next person to call.

Our website has lots of information, including a calendar of events:

We have a troop text message system, where you can receive reminder texts from the troop. To signup text Troop16 to 41411. To unsubscribe, text STOP to 41411.

Follow the troop on Facebook: Troop 16 Oak Park

Terry Dutton, Scoutmaster 
Jim Bicak, Committee Chair

Current Calendar

1 Adult comm. meeting 7:30 PM All parents welcome to join
11 Troop Meeting 7:30 PM Patrol Elections/ Patrol Gear
18 PLC meeting 6:30 PM for PLs, APLs, QMs
18 Troop meeting 7:30 PM Campout signup/ Camping Gear
25-27 Campout 7:00 PM Camp Lowden, Oregon, IL

2 PLC meeting 6:30 PM for scouts with leadership positions
2 Troop meeting 7:30 PM Wreath Sales Kickoff / Knots (James K)
6 Adult comm. meeting 7:30 PM All parents welcome to join
9 Troop meeting 7:30 PM Fire Cooking (Garrett E and Danny B)
9-11 Order of the Arrow Fellowship For Order of the Arrow members
16 Troop meeting 7:30 PM Campout signup/ Cooking and Cleaning
23-25 Campout 7:00 PM Kurtenbach Family Farm, Chatsworth, IL
30 PLC meeting 6:30 PM for scouts with leadership positions