Troop 16 is all about camping. We camp year round, in sun, rain, and snow. Camping is how Scouts learn to work together, gain skills, and have a lot of fun! Our camping experiences include three types, which are monthly troop campouts, summer camp, and high adventure.

Monthly Troop Campouts

Troop 16 has troop campouts every month from September to June, except for December, usually at a state park or Scout camp within 1-3 hours from Oak Park. We depart on Friday evening and return on Sunday afternoon. Each Scout sets up camp, makes fires, and cooks meals with his own patrol. There is also plenty of time for exploring and goofing around with friends. Many Scouts pride themselves on receiving an annual award given to Scouts who don't miss a single monthly campout.

Summer Camping Gear List - Winter Camping Gear List - Backpacking Gear List

Summer Camp

Summer camp is a more structured 1-2 week camp experience, at which Scouts will often earn several merit badges for activities that aren't available on regular monthly campouts. We go to summer camp in northern Wisconsin every year in July, and usually several older Troop 16 Scouts can be found among the camp staff.

Summer Camp Gear List

High Adventure

Perhaps the pinnacle of the camping experience for Scouts is what we call High Adventure. Available only to Scouts who have completed 8th grade and completed the rank of Star, High Adventure trips in past years have included canoeing the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota, trekking across Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, and even backpacking in Alaska! Scouts participating in High Adventure trips will attest that these are experiences of a lifetime.